Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm Back!

Hello all you Bloggers out there! We are finally moved into our new home, in a new state, in a new neighborhood. Kids are all in new schools, making new friends, meeting new teachers and such! And I am forever trying to find the new store, bank, emergency room, post office, etc., etc., etc.

I hate moving! Everything is new and unfamiliar. However, I am counting my blessings. We are in a great neighborhood, the schools are great here, and everyone I mean everyone has been extremely nice to us. People you don't even know wave at you, they say Hello to you, and they even help you carry your groceries. My own kids don't even do that!

I will get photos of all the newness in just a few days! And for those of you who entered the contest, I will be letting you know if you won or not very soon! Good luck!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My 10 Worst Pet Peeves!

Today I am participating in Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop! Visit her site for more and probably better stories and lists!
As always she has given several options for us that play along, and as always most of them require more creativity than I can usually muster up. But for the heck of it, I am going to give it another try this week!

This is My Top 10 Worst Pet Peeves
(not in any particular order as they are all my worst pet peeves)

1. Laundry, I hate it! What is the point! It piles up, you have to fold it, it sits, it gets wrinkled! And I swear it never fails, the kids never put theirs away. It just ends up right back in the basket and gets washed again! And there I am at square one again!
2. Telemarketers! Need I say more! But I will. They call at all hours; during dinner, during my favorite CSI episodes, interrupting my blog time, interrupting....ahem....sleep! No I don't want to switch from DirecTV to Dish, No I don't want to send your company money, and Hell no I do not have time to take your stupid survey!
3. Dust! It's everywhere. It gets in my nose, it tickles, it teases, it makes me sneezes! Ha Ha! I live in trailer for Pete's sake. ( Hence one of the reasons for moving.) It is not air tight, so why would it be dust tight?! I can dust, and 5 seconds later it's time to dust again.
4. McDonald's Happy Meal Toys! They are never ending. Once a week I go thru the kids' toys to throw away all the crap toys that no one plays with. Always, and I mean always there are over 20 of these dang things. What are bunnies? Do they multiply. Why can't McD's have something neat that every kid wants to play with for more than 20 minutes?
5. Idiot drivers! If you can't go at least the speed limit, can you pull over so the rest of us can? I can't stand this. I have places to go, people to see, and kids to pick up from school before the "late" deadline, or I have to pay a dollar for every minute that I am late! Move it or lose it...Sister!
6. Wasted electricity! Really children, is it that hard to reach up 2 inches on your way out the door of your bedroom/bathroom to shift the light switch, that takes less than .25 lbs of pressure, to the off position?! I don't think so!
7. My kids' idea of cleaning their room! I'm sure every mother has had to deal with this! MOM-Hey did you get your room cleaned? CHILD-Yes mom! MOM-Did you clean it the way I like it? CHILD-Yes mom! MOM-SO...I can come and check it right now and it will be spotless, just the way I like it? CHILD-Well..........(imagine child running lightning fast toward their bedroom to get it cleaned)!
8. Dirty Dishes! Okay seriously just put your dirty dishes in the dish washer. It takes no more time to put them in the dish washer than it does to throw them in the sink! I'm not asking you to clean them off, I am not asking you to put the clean ones away. Just put the nasty, dirty, stinky dishes in the dish washer! PLEASE!
9. Waiting in lines! The Post Office in town is notorious for making people wait in line. The bank, the local Wal-Mart, the best fast food place, it's even worse. And the worst part is that while you are standing there waiting, patiently of course, you have time to get a good look around wherever you are. It never fails there are always employees standing around talking to each other! YES to each other. Watching the line grow bigger and bigger. GET TO WORK PEOPLE!
10. Nail Biting! Ugh, make me gag! Seriously do you know what is under even the cleanest people's fingernails? No...and you don't want to know! So just think what is under those nasty dirty unclean fingernails. Nail biting rates right up there with picking your nose. Don't Do it! It's disgusting, and no you can't have a drink/bite of my soda/candy bar! GROSS!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Everyone Else Is Doing It....Why Can't I??

I am participating in Wordful Wednesday with Angie go visit and see what everyone else has to say!

It must be catching like a's in the air. Angie did it, Carissa did it, and now yes...I am doing it too. I swear it's a lot harder than ya'll made it out to be! This really stinks. And the worst part is that I am not packing, I am sitting at my computer tying up a post!

These are all the unpacked boxes! They are calling to me! Pack me, tape me, label me! Little do they know that I am not that organized. I just shove in whatever will fit and put it in the truck. Then when we get to the new place, it's like a surprise when you open every box! RIGHT!

These are the very few packed boxes! Look at their smug little box faces. Saying to the others, Ha Ha, I'm packed and you're not!

This packing all the boxes on my own stuff really is a crappy deal. Where is the support, where is the help and advice and suggestions? Oh yeah, he still has to work and the kids are at school!

We are moving pretty far away, back to the roots of my sweet, adorable, even hickier than me, hubby. We are all pretty excited, except that we won't have any family around. Wait, scratch that, we will be close to his little girls and will be able to see them more often. Just one of the many pros of moving.

My posts may be far and few between for the next two weeks, but DON'T FORGET about the contest! I will be checking the comments and my emails every day. I will also be reading and visiting other blogs too, just not posting much to my own.

Love to all and see you in a few weeks!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Contest/Give Away

Help, Help, Help!!! I am in extreme need of help! In case you didn't read those first two sentences, do you know anyone who can help me!? I am in dire need!!!

DD, whom several of you already know is kind of a drama queen, has a birthday coming up soon....not to mention Christmas! I need YOUR help!

I am looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for my DD! And I want all you bloggy bloggers to help me find the perfect one! It has to be unique!

She is going to be 12, of course going on 20! She is sassy, dramatic, and very bubbly! She loves music, but hates Hannah Montana! She loves all crafts, but beading is her favorite! She has a very creative style about her! She loves to be eccentric! She loves to draw, color, or write stories......which by the way, sometime I am going to post one of her stories cuz they are awesome!

But this is the best part! For your efforts, I am going to reward not one but TWO, yes 2, people for the best ideas! All you have to do is comment on this post or any post with your idea. Or you can email it to me, by going to my profile and using my personal email. I will be reviewing these ideas every day!

I will give you two, yes 2, weeks to help me find the perfect gift! The reward is a surprise, but I promise you it is totally worth it! So go, look around and get back to me with your perfect, unique ideas!


Halloween After

Hope you all had a great Halloween, we all did!

This is DD at her dad's house for Halloween. She is of course Batgirl! Very Hot! The picture is taken courtesy of her "Other Mother", Kat. Thanks for the great pic Kat!

This is my son, he is the scary one on the right. He is Death Rider. Very Scary! The hairy one is my nephew Dakota, he is of course Chewbaca! These two are "Brothers from a-no-tha Mo-tha!" They think they are so cool!

This is the Crew! Death Rider, I was a Rodeo Princess, this is about as much as I ever dress up! Hubby is the great looking Rodeo Clown, and of course Darikka is the "Baby Bumble bee" asleep in her daddy's arms. Hope he doesn't squish her!
The two in the front for this picture are another nephew and niece. "E" was Tinkerbell and "T" was a power ranger, I think! We all went Trunk-or Treating at my sister's ward neighborhood party. Was a lot of fun and the kids got tons of candy, all while being very safe!

Ahhh, the afterparty! Gotta have lots of candy after the haul, Right?! Does she look determined or what!? She had fun trick or treating after she woke up from her nap! But she had more fun eating all of the other kids' candy!

Well another Halloween has come and gone! Can't wait for next year. Thanks to all of my bloggy friends for the great Halloween posts and for following mine as well!