Monday, December 29, 2008

I Now Pronounce You.......

Introducing......(drum roll please)..
Mr. and Mrs. Zufelt

This was our long awaited PERFECT day! The day we got married! FINALLY!
It was Short, Sweet, To the point and as I said before...It was perfect! Just family and a few friends came to share in our incredible joy!

It actually started the night before, with a last minute decision to drive to Utah to try to beat the snowstorm that was supposed to be coming on the day we were going to be married. We drove in the dark in the snow and on ice packed and snow-slicked roads the whole 9 hours! It was fantabulous-NOT! We made it pretty late that night, but safe!

The next day started with us sleeping in, too late of course! Then we had a mad dash to the court house to pick up the marriage license. Made it to Grandma's Z's in time to have her iron the groom's clothes, just the way he likes them. Went to the local jewelry store to pick up HIS ring. Then on back home to get ready for the big event! It was crazy! And this was supposed to be simple and easy Right?! Right.

You can't see them in these few pics, but the decorations, music, and cake were all of a Christmas theme, and completely unexpected. It was beautiful, and all thanks to my mom, and my two wonderful sisters! Where would I be without my family!

Not every one could be there, but we are all family still the same!

I think the Bride and Groom cried more than anyone else! Except Mom, of course, she was crying before the ceremony even started!
A marriage is all about TRUST, Right?! Yeah, I trust you, just remember that what you give you will get in return!

No one was ever happier in the whole world during this exact moment! Hurray!

We were truly the most blessed family this entire holiday season! And we have so much to be thankful for! I love my family, (all of them, and believe me there are a lot) so much! I would be no where without them and all that they do! Thanks so much to all of you for all you did to help us make this dream come true. Don't forget to join us in a year when we join together for all Eternity! Can't wait to see you there! Love to you all!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Couldn't Wait

Okay so I couldn't wait! I had to go ahead and post some pics quick. This is my little 10 months old Candy Cane! Isn't she great! Dress is compliments of Grandma and the bow is Compliments of Aunt Nonie! Can you believe she is walking already, and clapping, and waving, and trying to talk! I am pretty sure she says nite nite! She's getting to be quite the handful!

These are a couple pics of the yard at the new place. The first two are before and the last two are after.

The snow pics were taken last week. Now there is about 2 more feet, and it just won't quit! But it'll be fun for skiing and sledding Right?!

Wow! It's been a while! I have been extremely busy with the holidays, getting married, and of course the dreaded move. We are finally getting settled in to our new place. It's snowing like mad here, we've gotten 4 feet of snow over the last two weeks and 2.5 of that was put down yesterday and today! We're not in Kansas anymore!

Just to catch all of you up...We moved in early November, we were married on December 19th, and we are awaiting the grandeur of celebrating the holidays as husband and wife! We are extremely happy, and our lives couldn't be better. The kids are all healthy, happy and ready for Christmas and sassy as can be!

Lissette Cruz and Carissa Rogers were the winners of the contest that I had in November! Congratulations to the two of you!

I plan to keep up better now with the blog and pictures, since things have calmed down a little in our lives. Come back soon I'll be posting some new fun pics for all to see!

Happy Holidays to everyone and may your season be bright with the light and joy of our Lord, our family and our dearest friends!

Post Script (don't read if you are friend or family) last thing...if this blog offends anyone in anyway, ask me if I care. If you are unwelcome here please leave, and don't visit again! You know who you are. This is a family blog for our family to see, and to document, and to enjoy all of our good things and our bad things!