Monday, November 3, 2008

Contest/Give Away

Help, Help, Help!!! I am in extreme need of help! In case you didn't read those first two sentences, do you know anyone who can help me!? I am in dire need!!!

DD, whom several of you already know is kind of a drama queen, has a birthday coming up soon....not to mention Christmas! I need YOUR help!

I am looking for the perfect Christmas Gift for my DD! And I want all you bloggy bloggers to help me find the perfect one! It has to be unique!

She is going to be 12, of course going on 20! She is sassy, dramatic, and very bubbly! She loves music, but hates Hannah Montana! She loves all crafts, but beading is her favorite! She has a very creative style about her! She loves to be eccentric! She loves to draw, color, or write stories......which by the way, sometime I am going to post one of her stories cuz they are awesome!

But this is the best part! For your efforts, I am going to reward not one but TWO, yes 2, people for the best ideas! All you have to do is comment on this post or any post with your idea. Or you can email it to me, by going to my profile and using my personal email. I will be reviewing these ideas every day!

I will give you two, yes 2, weeks to help me find the perfect gift! The reward is a surprise, but I promise you it is totally worth it! So go, look around and get back to me with your perfect, unique ideas!



Chris said...

I'll check in with my eleven year old, who, as it turns out, is also going on twenty.

Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

I'll tweet your need. I assume she has and iPod? Gift cards for iTunes maybe? Her own mixing studio for music, some sort of computer software..Course her Dad can help with that eh?

angie said...

Hard one........I can't figure out what to give my own kids so I'm not much help.

Good luck with your move. Because I just did I FEEL for you,I mean, REALLY feel for you! :)

Why didn't you spring for those boxes that pack themselves? j/k

robin_titan said...

It really depends on how much you're willing/can spend. I suggest giving her itupes cards if she has an ipod or an ipod shuffle which are pretty darn cheap. or...
-you can look for bead sets that they have at walmart, jo-ann, hobby lobby they come with maybe a book on how to make nice bracelets and other jewelry items and it also comes with beads you can even buy nice pretty beads separately it's not that expensive it depends on what you get I tried looking for a picture but couldn't find one for you sorry
-does she like to read? I sure hope so if so you can get her some nice books for her age like harry potter, you can get the whole series in paperback for around twenty bucks in I know a twelve year old girl who loves diary of a wimpy kid books, flipped, stargirl, "love, stargirl", confessions of a teenage drama queen, and that's all I can think of for books. Those are all really great I've read them too and they're clean and appropriate for your daughter's age.
-You can get her a gift card for her favorite store which might be limited too my 12 year old cousin loves that store it's very girly and has lots of cute clothes or you can just get her one for amazon or target