Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween After

Hope you all had a great Halloween, we all did!

This is DD at her dad's house for Halloween. She is of course Batgirl! Very Hot! The picture is taken courtesy of her "Other Mother", Kat. Thanks for the great pic Kat!

This is my son, he is the scary one on the right. He is Death Rider. Very Scary! The hairy one is my nephew Dakota, he is of course Chewbaca! These two are "Brothers from a-no-tha Mo-tha!" They think they are so cool!

This is the Crew! Death Rider, I was a Rodeo Princess, this is about as much as I ever dress up! Hubby is the great looking Rodeo Clown, and of course Darikka is the "Baby Bumble bee" asleep in her daddy's arms. Hope he doesn't squish her!
The two in the front for this picture are another nephew and niece. "E" was Tinkerbell and "T" was a power ranger, I think! We all went Trunk-or Treating at my sister's ward neighborhood party. Was a lot of fun and the kids got tons of candy, all while being very safe!

Ahhh, the afterparty! Gotta have lots of candy after the haul, Right?! Does she look determined or what!? She had fun trick or treating after she woke up from her nap! But she had more fun eating all of the other kids' candy!

Well another Halloween has come and gone! Can't wait for next year. Thanks to all of my bloggy friends for the great Halloween posts and for following mine as well!

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