Friday, October 31, 2008

Story of True Love--Proof That Destiny Does Have a Design For Us

I used to work in the oilfield. Those of you who know anything about it, know that it's hard work and long hours and very unusual jobs, especially for a woman. At this particular job, I was hauling huge trash bins for oilfield companies. I would go to a site, pick up their trash, take it to the dump, and haul the empty bin back to the site. Not glamorous, but when you're a single mother of 2 growing children, you have to do something, Right!?

There were several other companies besides the one that I was working for that do this exact same kind of work. Needless to say, more often than not, you would run into each other at the dump when you were emptying bins.

One day while emptying my bin, there was one other guy there emptying his bin. I didn't even pay attention to him. No side glance, I didn't even think about him. I did my job and left. About one month later, I had gone to the gas station to fuel up. At the same time that I paid for my fuel, there was a gorgeous guy at the counter. I thought oooh he's cute. But I just paid and went on my way. Before I left the store, the manager caught me by the arm and told me that the very same guy was single, looking for a girl, and had his eye set on me. I didn't believe her, he doesn't even know me!

She said that he and some of the other guys in "the field" had nicknamed me "The Black Truck Girl". My work truck was a black, 1 ton, 4-door, dodge, dually. Anyway long story short, she gave the guy my phone number the very next day, (how she got that I will never know, Thanks big sis). But he called, asked me out, I said yes, and the rest is history.

These are the flowers he sent to the gas station because I hadn't given him my address yet. (We had only been on one date, and only knew each other 2 days.) Anyway the manager called me and told me that she had something there for me and I needed to come get it. So I went to get them. He was going out of town for the week for CMas, and wanted to let me know that he would be thinking of me the whole time. Sweet Huh!?

This is us a few months later, the first picture that we took together. You know, we had to make sure we were going to be a couple first, don't want to have to throw away pics later on. LOL! He told me later on that the first time that he saw me at the dump, (From the story above), that he ran straight home and told his best friend, "Dude, I just saw my future wife!" Mind you this was before we ever officially met, and before I ever agreed to go out with him. Fate?......I think so!

We do everything together. One day he told me to grab the camera, we're going fishing! Cool, where are we going. To the Gorge. It's beautiful there, and he knows that I love to take pics of great scenery!

Little did I know that the scenery would be me. While I was trying to be brave and hook my own worm, he was busy hooking something of his own. He had tied an engagement ring to his fishing line, and actually cast it out into the river. He reeled it back in, and with a huge grin on his face says, "Look what I caught!' Can you believe he threw my diamond in the river, sheesh you could have lost it!
So this was the beginning of the rest of our lives together!

Just another day fishing. Like I said, we do everything together! We are perfectly matched. We have the same goals, and help each other to reach those goals!

And baby makes 3, well 7 actually. No we are complete. I love this man with all my heart. And just think, we met at the dump! So don't discount those that you meet in the most peculiar places. They just might be the one you marry and have children with!

Love Ya Babe!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Top 10 For the Late Show With David Letterman

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This is the top 10 reasons why women should be Truckers; as in, driving 18-wheelers!

1. It's great money and every women should be able to generate some source of income when needed!
2. If you love to go 4 Wheelin' then Truckin' is for you . If you think 4 wheels can go anywhere, you should try 18!
3. It's a great feeling when you get out of a big rig, and some big burly guy asks: "Hey, did you drive that!" and you get to answer: "Why, yes I did!"
4. You know the double take a guy will give a hot girl driving on the highway? Well the double take a guy gives a self-sufficient woman in an 18-wheeler is 5 times better!
5. Just think of the major muscle-toning you will be doing in those winter months when you have to throw chains on 4 sets of double tires!
6. Are you short? Well, in an 18-wheeler you can see everyone and everything! No more looking thru the space in the steering wheel!
7. Doesn't every woman love to drive a "Stick Shift"? In an 18-wheeler you have anywhere from 8-18 gears! Watch out guys, mama's catchin' up!
8. Do you have children? Kids love to take a ride in a "Big Rig"! It's better than Disneyland! And a whole lot cheaper too!
9. Ever get sleepy when you are driving? There's nothing like having a built in bed to stop and take snooze in during the middle of a trip!

And the Top 10 Reason that women should drive 18-wheelers:
You get to prove all those men drivers out there wrong; Women really can drive better!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WW Not for the Feint of Heart! Seriously....Weak Stomach? Do not read!

In case you didn't head the warning at the beginning of this post, I am giving you one more chance here to do so.....This is not for weak stomachs or all you "save-the-planet" types!
Me and my family are hunters. We bow hunt, rifle hunt, and we usually shoot anything with 4 legs or anything that flies. Also we always eat what we take. So like I said, this post is not for the feint of heart!

Just an ordinary day on the Farm? Not even close!
These are the chickens at my sister's house. She and her family bought them at Easter time. They used to be pink, red and purple. They were so cute! But now sister complains that they crow at all hours of the morning, day and night. No one gets any sleep. She wishes she could just get rid of them! "Well"..........Says Gramma Z, "We could have a chicken fry!" A what? What the crap is a chicken fry? "Ya know, kill 'em and fry 'em and eat' em.", she says. Uh....okay!?!? So that is just what we did!

Notice the chopping block on the ground? They really do "run around like chickens with their heads cut off." Who knew? This was the worst part of the whole thing. Kind of messy!

Next, no one likes to eat feathers do they? So a little plucking is in order! The guys were real troopers and had a good time I think! Not sure are those grimaces on their faces or smiles? It was a little stinky!

Then of course, you have to clean and cut the chicken into pieces to eat. Gramma Z was the only one brave enough to do this! She kept getting angry at all of us for being such wussies! Aren't Granny's amazing, there is nothing she can't or won't do!

Ahhhh, tastes like chicken! The finished product was a pure delicacy. Better than any store bought chicken I have ever tasted! Must be Gramma Z's secret ingredient!

Thanks to all of you who were brave enough to endure to the end. Hope I didn't offend anyone too badly. If I did, Sorry it's your own fault. I gave not one, but two fair warnings!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ode to my B-E-A-U-tiful Children

It's been a while since I put just pictures of all of my children. I usually have one or the other, but not all. SO this is mostly to update everybody about those for whom I am the most proud!
Thanks and enjoy!

This is Darikka! She is 8.5 months old. She is the light of her daddy's eye. And she just happens to love ice cream. (can't tell can ya?) She is crawling everywhere, practically starting to walk. She has been sick, but is now fit as a fiddle. She keeps me on my toes, but she is also a lot of fun!

This is Bailey! She is 3.5 years old. Isn't she a beauty! We have so much fun with her. We don't get to see her as often so we are so grateful when we do see her. She loves to swim, and she loves to eat! She is a pure ball of joy!

This is Rylie! She is 6.5 years old. She is the firecracker of the family! She can make anyone laugh or cry with her sayings and her thoughts of love. From the middle of no where she will just pop off with "I love you_____!" Enter name she is talking to at the time. She once told me this, "Katie, you are the best Step-Mom ever!" Know what I did to deserve that? Bought her some tattoos. Pretty funny, huh!!?

This is Ian, he is almost 9 years old! He is my "Mama's Boy"! I use the term with love and no one else gets to use it......EVER! He is so loving and loves to give hugs and kisses to his mom and to his baby sister. But not to anyone else. However, when it comes right down to it, he can kick the crap out of any kid at the school yard. (not that he ever did, right? Ha ha.)

And last but not least, Blayke, my almost 12 year old. She is a blossoming tweenager and she wishes she were 20 or so. Doesn't every 12 year old? She is a lot of fun and a great help around the house. She is just beginning to realize that I (mom) can be her best friend at times. She is also just realizing that I (mom) can be her worst enemy at times. We can go the rounds but we can also get along just great! I'm sure that it will be this way for a while. But I love her anyway and I am grateful that she is mine! Someday maybe she will be grateful that I am hers!

Love to all my children, you are all special and I am so very proud of each and every one of you!
Love Mom!

Monday, October 27, 2008

First Halloween Party for 2008

This was the first Halloween party for me and the kids for this year! Complete with costumes and all! It was put together with the help of 2 of my wonderful sisters! We planned it about a day before we actually did it. So I think it turned out pretty well for not having much planning. And the kids....Well they had a ball! Just look at the grins on all of them.
We started the party off with a guessing game of course! How many candy corns? There were 252 and the oldest child won the game and therefore got the jar of candy corns!

Next on the agenda....Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern! This is my son, he won, got the nose right on the spot. But everyone had fun trying and I think only one child missed the poster completely!

Who has a party without pumpkin carving? OR in our case the pumpkin version of Mr. Potato Head! These were so much fun, and a lot cleaner than actual carving! Look how proud they are! Everyone got to take their own pumpkin home too! Thanks to big sis and Wal-Mart!

What party is complete without a witches brew? None of course! This was our party drink for the night! Apple Juice with a chunk of dry ice. Great fun and easy too!

This was the hi-lite of the night! The donut eating contest! This was for kids and adults too! Uncle B won this game. He was so excited about it, that when he dropped his on the ground he still ate it! Ha Ha! Go Uncle B!

Thanks to my 2 big sisters for a night of great fun, food, and family togetherness! Love Ya!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Diary of a Very Sick Child

You know those completely happy babies that never cry, are always smiling, and always into everything? Yes, she is one of those. So when she is sick, you know it. She doesn't look sick here, but unbeknownst to you, she has a fever of 102, a slight cough, and diarrhea. (Sorry Gross I know). But look how happy she is! Smiling? Of course. Playing? As always!

Does she even look sick here? A little pale maybe? But still smiling and pretty happy. Playing? not so much. Just sits and/or wants to be held all the time. But take a closer look! What do you see?

Yep! That bandage is from having her blood taken. We went to the local urgent care (for the second time) and they finally decided that after 11 days of fever, coughing, diarrhea, not eating or drinking her bottle, and losing 2 lbs, that maybe something was wrong! Duh, just ask a mother who spends 24 hours a day with her child. She can tell you when something is wrong other than teething!

Not only did they draw blood, but she had to have chest x-rays. Do you know what that entails? Just imagine practically sitting on your 8 month old, while she is screaming and flailing in pain. Lots of fun! NOT!

And she is still trying to be happy. But she ends up just sitting on my lap, holding her blankie, and moaning, cuz she is too miserable.

Finally got her in to her regular doctor. She has viral pneumonia, and tonsillitis. They gave her two shots of antibiotics and a prescription for oral ones as well. She is finally feeling better after 12 days of Hell. She is wanting to eat and she is back on the bottle.

The next time she is sick, I am going to print this post and take it with me to the doctor. And I am going to tell him that I am the MOMMY and I know when my child is sick! It's so frustrating when a doctor who should know it all, thinks that all these problems are caused from teething and that she will be "OK". Not buyin' it!

Thanks for listening to the rantings of a crazed mommy!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting to Know You, Getting to Know All About You..........

Wow, It's been like forever since I did any blogging. I feel like I am totally out of the loop. Sorry about the delay in posts. Been really busy, and I promise to show you the results of my being busy, so stay tuned for upcoming posts.
But for now, I'd really like to get to know you a little better. This may take a bit of time but it's well worth it. And I think it will be a lot of fun. All you have to do is pick some or all of the categories if you're brave enough, post them and the answers in your own blog, and then leave your name and blog URL in Mr Linky.Don't forget to leave a comment letting me that you posted and what you think of this post.
Have fun.
1. Favorite TV Shows
CSI Miami, I love Horatio
Don't Forget the Lyrics, Hubby and i love to sing along
Ghost Whisperer, got to have some fantasy in my life

2. Least Favorite TV Shows
Two and a Half Men
All Soap Operas
Anything with Fighting or Boxing, (like UFC)
I am not big on Hunting shows (Sorry Hubby!)
3. Favorite Restaurants
Red Lobster, fav of all time
Olive Garden
Canton City Buffet
4. Least Favorite Restaurants (this one is hard for me, I love food)
Sonic Drive-In
All Sushi Places, YUCK!
Have to come back to this one
5. Things That Happened Yesterday (or the Last Few Days)
My Daughter got the solo in her singing group! Yeah DD!
I canned 18 quarts of Tomato macaroni Soup!
Someone crashed into the ditch outside my house, they were trying to dodge a cow that has been out for 3 weeks now. (joys of living on a farm)
Yesterday was finally cold enough and frosted enough that all of my flowers died:(
6. Things I Am Looking Forward To
Being to sealed to DH in the Vernal UT Temple
Thanksgiving this year! We will have all the kids (his mine and ours) together for the first time.
Having another baby, (still working on that tho)
Becoming a millionaire, Ha Ha
7. Things That I Am NOT Looking Forward To
Snow, I never look forward to snow
Christmas, always comes too fast and is gone too fast!
My DD is almost 12, soon she will be 16! UGH!
Cleaning my house!
8. Things I Love About Fall
Leaves, they're gorgeous!
Halloween, funnest holiday!
Orange, I think orange is a really great color! Also is my son's fav color
Almost time for pumpkin pie! YUMMY!
9. Things on My Wish List
Diamond Earrings
A carpet Shampooer
A Juicer for all my canning needs (thanks mom for letting me use yours)
A new house, or at least a bigger one!
World Peace!
Two New Candidates Running for Pres
A Million dollars
A New Car
(Whoops you are only supposed to have 4)
Have fun with this, and who knows maybe some of us actually have stuff in common! Can't wait to see your results!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloweens Gone By

My sister over at wanted to have everybody post their Halloween photos from years before. So here they are!
This is my son in 2006, I think he was some sort of a ninja?! DD was with her dad this year so no photo of her.

This is DD last year! She was an Undead Gypsy! Lots of fun! I drew the spider web myself!

My son was a bleeding skeleton, he had a pump in his hand under his cape. Every time you squeeze it, the blood would run down the front! Eeeww. Scary Huh!

And this is the two devils.......I mean angels together. Aren't they fun?

By the way, this is also how DD had her hair done for Crazy Hair Day at school!

If you post your own photos of Halloweens Gone By, please go to and post your link in Mr. Linky so everyone else can see too. Don't forget to leave me a comment and let me know that you did so I can come visit your site as well. I would love to see some photos and maybe get some ideas for myself, Ha Ha!

Monday, October 6, 2008

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My Goofy Hubby

This weekend, hubby and kids and I drove to Denver to see one of his little girls. On the way back it starts to snow on us, just a little. But enough that we had to slow down in a few places and drive carefully. Well.......we got bored in some of those slow places. Hubby, being the music buff that he is, turns the music up loud and begins to sing a long. No big deal, right? So...I'm listening to the radio, and Hubby of course, when a "girl" song comes on. Do you know who Kellie Pickler is? She was on American Idol a few years ago, didn't win but went pretty far and now has a few albums out on country radio. Anyhoo...she sings a song called "Red High Heels." Song is okay but very girlie, talks about girl losing guy and how he is going to want her back, especially after he sees her in her red high heels. I'm still listening mind you, while looking out the side window at the mountains and scenery, trying not to be bored.
All of a sudden as loud as he can and in this awful girlie voice, Hubby starts singing the chorus to this girlie song. Sings about how he is going to be missed, especially when we see him in his red high heels. I just stared. Didn't know what to think. Then we all burst into fits of giggles and laughter! It was hilarious. However, did tell Hubby that he should never, ever sing that song again. And if I find my red high heels missing.......I'll know where to look.
That is just one of the many goofy things that hubby does. Here are few pics of him. But back off, the man is mine!

Is he HOT or what?!! Don't mind the bump in his cheek, (ie. "chew"), he quit that over 18 months ago.

This is another goofy thing Hubby did. We were at my Grandpa's funeral, and I guess he decided that there had been enough crying and it was time for a laugh. IT WORKED! Cheered me right up, for the moment. By the way, sometimes when I get in the car and try to find my sunglasses, he already has them on. Hmmmm?? Makes me wonder sometimes. HA HA!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Can You Say Beverly Hillbillies?!!

I should have posted this one with the motorcylce ride, but oh well. This is DH's GramaZ. She is 77 years old and she's gotta be the coolest Grandma eva! She even rides the dirt bike with DH too! She is taking a ride in my sister and bro in laws new Rhino. (My dad calls them hippos,LOL)

This Rhino (hippo) belongs to my mom and dad. It has four seats, seat belts, 2 doors, and is even equipped with "Oh S@%*" handles! It will climb anything, and I do mean anything. It goes straight up and straight down, bumps over boulders 2 feet in diameter, and whatever else DH can find to go over that will scare the holy living crap out of me!
Notice the baby car seat in the back seat. Yes it is belted in and No DH did not get to drive this time. I drove and I took my 7 month old, and Cousin's 3 year old and 2 year old. I guess ever body knew that I would drive the slowest with the babies!

Look I was so careful and slow that she fell asleep in the dang Rhino! Is that funny or what?!

This is the funnest toy that anyone could ever buy! Everybody can ride and enjoy to their hearts content! Even my Grandmother who is somewhere in her late 80's (I think), got in and rode this day. So from the very young (7months) to the very old, but young at heart (both Granny's) can ride and enjoy. You should get one!

Thanks mom and dad for the great times!