Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Hot Hubby!

See it's like I said....My Hot Hubby!!!!

Over the weekend of the 4th, my hubby had the opportunity to do something he hasn't done in over 4 years! TEAM ROPING!! He was so excited and I was really scared! I mean...horses are really big animals and they kick really hard too!

This is him in the warm-up arena! Doesn't he look all official!?!?

This is ONLY practice he has had in the 4 years at all! I was afraid that he was going to fall off the horse while going 25 miles an hour, break a leg, crack his head open and have to have some kind of surgery! I know I'm quite the optimist! Ha!

But when it came right down to it.....he said it was like riding a bike! You don't forget the things you love the most! Team Roping has been a very fond love of Rany's since he was a child. But CERTAIN people and circumstances didn't allow for him to keep doing it! Now that we live on a ranch and he finally has the time to....he is starting to finally do and share the things that mattered most to him!

I couldn't be more proud of the man that I am married to! What a catch! He is a wonderful father, husband, provider, he is caring, loving, smart, and he dreams big!! I LOVE that in a man!
Love you, Babe!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My My My My My...........Boogie Shoes!!

This is so funny! I have not seen little girls this young so into shoes. Great.....just what I need another girl with a shoe fetish! Ha! She already loves all things girly! She is so much fun and she is so dang smart. Too smart for her own good (or bad)!

She loves to walk around on the deck in her "pitty" shoes, because she likes the sound of the heels clicking on the wood! So this is a nightly thing at our house!

I know, I know.....quite the fashion statement here. Sometimes she wears them in the morning too! Sometimes it's not so pretty!

Close-up of the "boogie"shoes!

She started wearing these when she started at the daycare, then the Easter Bunny brought her several pairs to have at her own home. I think the Easter Bunny has created a monster. Not only does she love her "pitty" shoes, but she loves work boots, mom's high heels, Ian's "flish" flops, and any other pair of shoes she can manage to get on herself!

Carnival Days In Pagosa!

Ahhh, the days of Summer have now begun! You know it's time for sun, swimming, rafting and all things summer, when the carnival comes to town! We had soooo much fun!

This is Rany and Ian on some sort of circular ride! Ian was having a blast, as you can clearly see. Rany however, was a bit nervous. He is afraid of anything that reaches heights of more than 10 feet! But he was brave enough to indulge Ian for a few minutes!

This is Ian and Darikka in the bouncy tent. She was having sooo much fun. She played for almost 30 minutes on this one ride! Ian was just in there helping her....right, I mean who wants to play on the baby rides anyway!?! Ha!

Ian just couldn't get enough of the rides, he was having the time of his life! He used all of his tickets in a matter of 20 of course we had to buy him more!

This was the hi-lite of Darikka's night! She loves the "Oh-seys", (horseys)! Dad walked and walked and walked with her till she had had her fill! I don't know who enjoyed it more, him or her!

There's nothing like seeing your family doing the things they love. What a blessing to have the technology that we have to be able to create and share these special moments with the ones we love!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Where have you been?!?!

Where has everyone been? Oh's not you that was missing, it was me! Sorry I have not posted in like...forever! I have been busy. NO, really I have! Let me tell you a little bit about it!

I have been working full time since January! I work anywhere from 50-60 hours a week. I know, I know not that much for some of you. But on top of all of that....I have 3 children at home to take care of, a husband to keep happy, and a house to keep clean and standing! For me that is a lot.

But....That's not all! In May of this year we moved (all the way across town) and that took a lot out of me... I am still unpacking boxes. Also, I have been busy trying to plant and grow a garden in an area that is not warm enough to have a garden.

These are the 1st plants that I planted. They are actually huge now ( I will post about them later, I promise)! I have tomatoes growing on the vines and am just now starting to see Green peppers. I also have corn stalks that are about 3 1/2 ft tall. I am so proud!

So you see....I really have been busy! Oh..but wait there's more! On top of the job, the children, my hubby, my home and my garden.....we are having another baby! We just found out that it is going to be another can never have too many girls right, (Heaven help us!)!

No pics of her yet so here are some of the others doing some of the things that we have been doing this summer!

Blayke and Darikka love the 3 ft pool that we have in the back yard. Heck who needs a huge one right!

Darikka loves to ride her bike at the park! Ian also did some skateboarding this day too!

Oh my gosh! Who is that cutie! Those of you who know my brothers will say this looks exactly like one of them! I won't say who, you tell me if you think the same! This was the night of Ian's Blue and Gold banquet! He got several patches and stars for his Scout uniform. Speaking of Scouts, Ian gets to be one of the few who gets to present the flag in tomorrow's flag ceremony for the town we live in! He is so excited and I am dang proud!

Hope you are all having a great Summer!