Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Couldn't Wait

Okay so I couldn't wait! I had to go ahead and post some pics quick. This is my little 10 months old Candy Cane! Isn't she great! Dress is compliments of Grandma and the bow is Compliments of Aunt Nonie! Can you believe she is walking already, and clapping, and waving, and trying to talk! I am pretty sure she says nite nite! She's getting to be quite the handful!

These are a couple pics of the yard at the new place. The first two are before and the last two are after.

The snow pics were taken last week. Now there is about 2 more feet, and it just won't quit! But it'll be fun for skiing and sledding Right?!

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Chris said...

The place looks beautiful -- with and without snow!
Back here in Utah we're buried.