Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wow! It's been a while! I have been extremely busy with the holidays, getting married, and of course the dreaded move. We are finally getting settled in to our new place. It's snowing like mad here, we've gotten 4 feet of snow over the last two weeks and 2.5 of that was put down yesterday and today! We're not in Kansas anymore!

Just to catch all of you up...We moved in early November, we were married on December 19th, and we are awaiting the grandeur of celebrating the holidays as husband and wife! We are extremely happy, and our lives couldn't be better. The kids are all healthy, happy and ready for Christmas and sassy as can be!

Lissette Cruz and Carissa Rogers were the winners of the contest that I had in November! Congratulations to the two of you!

I plan to keep up better now with the blog and pictures, since things have calmed down a little in our lives. Come back soon I'll be posting some new fun pics for all to see!

Happy Holidays to everyone and may your season be bright with the light and joy of our Lord, our family and our dearest friends!

Post Script (don't read if you are friend or family)

BTW...one last thing...if this blog offends anyone in anyway, ask me if I care. If you are unwelcome here please leave, and don't visit again! You know who you are. This is a family blog for our family to see, and to document, and to enjoy all of our good things and our bad things!

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