Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My My My My My...........Boogie Shoes!!

This is so funny! I have not seen little girls this young so into shoes. Great.....just what I need another girl with a shoe fetish! Ha! She already loves all things girly! She is so much fun and she is so dang smart. Too smart for her own good (or bad)!

She loves to walk around on the deck in her "pitty" shoes, because she likes the sound of the heels clicking on the wood! So this is a nightly thing at our house!

I know, I know.....quite the fashion statement here. Sometimes she wears them in the morning too! Sometimes it's not so pretty!

Close-up of the "boogie"shoes!

She started wearing these when she started at the daycare, then the Easter Bunny brought her several pairs to have at her own home. I think the Easter Bunny has created a monster. Not only does she love her "pitty" shoes, but she loves work boots, mom's high heels, Ian's "flish" flops, and any other pair of shoes she can manage to get on herself!

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KatandBlue said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging! Darrika looks like as much of a trouble maker as Zayla!