Sunday, August 2, 2009

Potty Training!! YES!!

Well...with me being 6 months pregnant and Darikka already 18 months old, it is time to start the dreaded potty training! However, she was all ready to start herself. She came to me one day and told me she needed to go "poop"! SO....I quickly ripped off her diaper, and shoved her up on the "Potty"! And she did it! The funny thing is we cannot get her to "pee pee" on it just yet!
A little graphic I know....but this first one is of her "pushing out the poops"! She did a great job!
Click on this pic to enlarge it and check out the tear on her cheek! Is this hard work or what?!
"Wow, mom what is that thing in the toilet?! Did I do that?!"
Notice the empty roll of toilet paper on the hanger! Ha!

No job is finished til' you get rid of the evidence right?! She was so proud to do it all by herself!

"Bye Bye, poops!"

Just so you all know, shortly after all this excitement, she peed right there on the bathroom floor! I guess next time we will have to sit there just a bit longer! Or get the diaper on faster! HA! Hope you all enjoyed this picture story and that no one was offended!


Carissa(GoodnCrazy) said...

Well she's backwards.. mine figured out the pee pee first??

Hey YOUR boy is front and center on my site today! I entered him in the Iheartfaces contest in fact.. hope that was okay??

Perry Family said...

Great job! I'm going to start potty training Braden in a few weeks.