Saturday, January 24, 2009

Photo Story Friday!

On the last Wednesday that I participated in Wordful Wednesday, I promised that I would come back on Friday and showcase my Christmas Dinner. However I didn't get time to do it, so I am doing it now. As you know from reading that WW post that I cooked my first turkey ever. I also cooked a ham and all the other traditional trimmings for Christmas Dinner too. So this is the Photo Story of my dinner.

First I started with the "real" cranberry sauce. My hubby loves this stuff, and I gag just looking at it. But he wanted it so I made it. I like the jellied Cranberry sauce that comes in a can.

This is easiest part of the dinner. Just boil til they crack and put in the fridge. Turned out great BTW!

Next I attempted to make a pumpkin pie. I know, I know you are all laughing at me! This is another of the easy parts of dinner. But again, I have never made one and therefore was scared to death to try! But....

It also turned out great and very tasty. The holes in the center are from me sticking a knife in to check if it was done or not. I was so worried about over cooking it. But other than looks okay doesn't it?!

Then of course on to the main course. If you saw the WW post, then you have already seen this picture, but I posted it again because I was so proud of it! As I said before, it looked great, tasted even better, and was one of the best tasting turkeys that I have ever tasted. Even if I do say so myself!

I cooked a ham in the roaster oven. I cheated a bit and bought a spiral ham that is pre-cooked and I just had to warm it basically. But it tasted great and was very moist and flavorful! And it looks pretty good too!

This is the Christmas Dinner Spread, complete with rolls, mashed taters and gravy, stuffing (another first for me, my mother's own recipe), green bean casserole, veggie tray, homemade mustard sauce, ham, turkey, and of course some sparkling cider.
(go ahead, click to enlarge, you know you want to!)
Notice that there are only two plates set at the table!? Hubby and I are the only ones that were there besides the baby. The other two were with their dad's family in Utah. So this was a ton of food and we ate on it for the next week and a half. Oh BTW...the plates and other matching dishes are REAL china. They were given to us by Big R's grandmother. This is the first dinner in my own home that I actually got to use REAL china!

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Brenda Jean said...

That is one big spread for the two of you! You did such a great job. Isn't it fun getting out the china? I want to make real cranberry sauce so bad, but my son LOVES the jelly type in the can too:)

Chris said...

It all looks great, but the HAM looks DIVINE!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

How were the leftovers???