Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to School DaZe

Is it just me, or is every parent as proud as me?!?!
I am always so excited when my kids go back to school! (For obvious reasons of course.) But I love all the excitement and rushing around to get everything ready. I love the clothes and supply shopping and everything that goes with it. My kids are very involved in the after school programs and sports, and there is always a way for the whole family to be involved. We have a lot of fun doing all the many busy things that we do.

These are my two angels that started school in August. Ian is in Elementary school and Blayke is in Middle school. They both love their teachers and are making many new friends and enjoying all the old ones too!

Blayke loves to sing and dance and is finding that she really enjoys sports too! Last year she won the school's version of American Idol! We were all so proud of her. Because of that we have put her into an outside performing group, where she is learning to sing and dance. And soon she will start having one-on-one voice lessons. She is currently playing Volleyball (which I am the head coach of), and just finished her first season of girls Softball. They took 3rd place in the tournament!

Ian is finding that he has natural knack for computers. He is going to be my computer engineer. (mom's can dream big too, right!?) He is also really enjoying his after school programs. He is playing flag football for the first time and is doing great! His favorite position is Center. He likes to say "Down, Set, HIKE!". He thinks it sounds "cool", even though that is the quarterback's job.


Good N Crazy said...

Hey got the email and here I am..
YOu didn't have it posted this morning because I checked my little reader list...!

You are getting the hang of this...!

LOVE the school pics. I'll show my kids later..

Sorel has her own email address now, will send it out... Not a good Idea to post emails in comments, btw

KatandBlue said...

Katie, I am so glad you took photos from Blayke's first day of school (what a looker might I add!)I totally stole the photos from your blog and saved them in my "Blayke" folder for her scrapbook! And - you are welcome to post on my blog ANYTIME!