Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who is your personal HERO?

Today I thought I would pose a question to anyone who reads this. I want to know..... Who is your "Personal" HERO?

Me, I have several personal heroes and I want to tell you about them here today. So here goes!

In no certain order:

I am the youngest daughter in my family and that means that I have six older sisters. They are all beautiful, smart, talented, individuals! They are all strong willed and not afraid of anything! They are all self-motivated, independent women! They are huge examples to me, and they are all my Personal Heroins.

My Mother: Wow! Where do I start? Mom was always there for all of us (all 10 of us). She is the best cook I have ever met! She has a never ending supply of really great talents! The best of which are, singing, playing piano, crocheting, sewing, cooking, and the ability to make a house a home. She can teach anyone, anything. She has a deep well of love, patience, and understanding. She is non-judgemental, and very forgiving. Thanks mom for everything, you are my Personal Hero. Love ya. You too, Dad!

Everyone knows that I have 5 beautiful children, (I am only a little biased). But I think it's important for you all to know how I feel about them. I want to thank them for being mine. For making me smile when needed, for taking naps when needed, for finally cleaning their rooms after the eighteenth time of asking, for kisses just cuz, for not embarrassing me at the local Wal-Mart anymore, and for the never-ending love that they show to me. Love you all! You are all my Personal Heroes.

And last but not least, my Hubby. Because of him I get to stay home and raise our wonderful family. I want to thank him for that and also for putting up with me and all my many facets of life. For helping me cook, clean, take care of kids, and everything else. For being able to fix anything, and I do mean anything. For helping me find my dreams and sticking around while I achieve them. For having dreams of his own, and working towards them. For not stealing the covers at night, and for the humor he brings to my life. But most of all, for finally bringing the love and happiness into my life that had always been missing. I was searching my whole life to find you, and now you're mine! You are my Personal Hero! Love ya tons!

So who is your Personal HERO?


Melanie said...

You know what is so sweet about this post?? have given and are others hero..You..Thank you for such sweet words about the people/family in your life. I'm grateful for the opportunity in getting to know 1 of your sisters..Carissa..she amazes me with all she does and I have only known her shortly. I too am very blessed to have the same feelings towards my family..even the in-laws (lol)...

Good N Crazy said...

You know my site is called 'good and crazy people'. You just nailed the good part of my title. We are an awesome family...LOUD...but awesome. And ya. CRA-azy. How boring other families must be, eh?

Cecily R said...

I love that you have such a great realtionship with your mom. I have one like that too, and I can only hope that the same happens with my own kids.

I also think its super cool that you added your kids as heros.

It sounds like you have some amazing people/heros in your life!