Monday, September 22, 2008

The Brady Bunch should meet our bunch!

Hey all, and welcome to Yours Mine and Ours! Just wanted to give you an idea of who we are and what we are like. Notice that there is not a picture of all of us together. In all the time that we have been together we have never all been together to take a family picture. Drawbacks to having yours mine and ours I guess.

This is me and my hubby, Rany, with the newest addition to our family. Darikka is 7 months old, and she is definitely a daddy's girl. Rany works in the oilfield and I am an at home mommy.

This is a photo of our 3 oldest children on the 24th of July, 2008. The oldest is our daughter, Blayke. She is 11 years old going on 18, and is just as feisty as her mother was at that age. (Or so I am told.) Ian is 8 years old, and is exactly the opposite of his older sister. He is quiet, cuddly, and has a soft spot for his mother. Rylie is our 6 year old. And she is the quirkiest child I have ever met. She can make you smile whenever and no matter the circumstances.

And last but not least is Bailey. (The one in the blue suit.) She is our 3 year old. She is a bright and sunny child and brings joy to all around! And look at all that curly hair!

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon!


Good N Crazy said...

WhaHoo and congratulations on your first post! Yay!

Note how on those small photos that you can click on them and they will open MUCH larger...?

Keep it up. I have a ton of other tips for you...but I'll wait til you get the posting thing done!

Good N Crazy said...

PS I totally LOVE that photo in the Header at the top!!! Classic. (And is?)

Virginia said...

Congratulations!! You are ahead of me and will probably stay that way. I like to read them just don't suppose I'll ever create one. Good Luck, Ginny B

Noni said...

Okay I hope to see lots of pics. The more I look at the header, the more it looks like a postcard. Love it!!!!

Oh, some day I just may join in too but not sure when don't get your hopes up yet.