Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Twitter GNO Eva!

So I joined my first eva Twitter GNO! Was totally fun. So much craaaazzziness! I had a ball just reading what everyone had to say. I didn't even comment that much, didn't have time, was trying to read too fast! But eveyone was pretty funny and sounds like a lot of us have a lot in common!

If you want to join in next Tuesday, head over to Carissa's blog,, and get yourself ready to Tweet with the best of us on!

Can't wait to do it again and hope to see some new faces along the way!


Sandra Foyt said...

I'm going to practice typing #gno so I can be faster on the draw next week. Yeah, like lightening. You've gotta be fast to keep up with the Twitter Moms!

Good N Crazy said...

Funny and crazy, eh? You made links! aRen't you so cool! You even linked directly to a post and not just to the main homepage...impressive!