Monday, October 27, 2008

First Halloween Party for 2008

This was the first Halloween party for me and the kids for this year! Complete with costumes and all! It was put together with the help of 2 of my wonderful sisters! We planned it about a day before we actually did it. So I think it turned out pretty well for not having much planning. And the kids....Well they had a ball! Just look at the grins on all of them.
We started the party off with a guessing game of course! How many candy corns? There were 252 and the oldest child won the game and therefore got the jar of candy corns!

Next on the agenda....Pin the Nose on the Jack-O-Lantern! This is my son, he won, got the nose right on the spot. But everyone had fun trying and I think only one child missed the poster completely!

Who has a party without pumpkin carving? OR in our case the pumpkin version of Mr. Potato Head! These were so much fun, and a lot cleaner than actual carving! Look how proud they are! Everyone got to take their own pumpkin home too! Thanks to big sis and Wal-Mart!

What party is complete without a witches brew? None of course! This was our party drink for the night! Apple Juice with a chunk of dry ice. Great fun and easy too!

This was the hi-lite of the night! The donut eating contest! This was for kids and adults too! Uncle B won this game. He was so excited about it, that when he dropped his on the ground he still ate it! Ha Ha! Go Uncle B!

Thanks to my 2 big sisters for a night of great fun, food, and family togetherness! Love Ya!


Good N Crazy said...

Had to enlarge that last photo to properly SEE Bry WINNING the donut contest! Ha! Weather been nice?

Cecily R said...

What a great party!!! Look at you being all hostessy and stuff!! :)