Monday, October 6, 2008

My Goofy Hubby

This weekend, hubby and kids and I drove to Denver to see one of his little girls. On the way back it starts to snow on us, just a little. But enough that we had to slow down in a few places and drive carefully. Well.......we got bored in some of those slow places. Hubby, being the music buff that he is, turns the music up loud and begins to sing a long. No big deal, right? So...I'm listening to the radio, and Hubby of course, when a "girl" song comes on. Do you know who Kellie Pickler is? She was on American Idol a few years ago, didn't win but went pretty far and now has a few albums out on country radio. Anyhoo...she sings a song called "Red High Heels." Song is okay but very girlie, talks about girl losing guy and how he is going to want her back, especially after he sees her in her red high heels. I'm still listening mind you, while looking out the side window at the mountains and scenery, trying not to be bored.
All of a sudden as loud as he can and in this awful girlie voice, Hubby starts singing the chorus to this girlie song. Sings about how he is going to be missed, especially when we see him in his red high heels. I just stared. Didn't know what to think. Then we all burst into fits of giggles and laughter! It was hilarious. However, did tell Hubby that he should never, ever sing that song again. And if I find my red high heels missing.......I'll know where to look.
That is just one of the many goofy things that hubby does. Here are few pics of him. But back off, the man is mine!

Is he HOT or what?!! Don't mind the bump in his cheek, (ie. "chew"), he quit that over 18 months ago.

This is another goofy thing Hubby did. We were at my Grandpa's funeral, and I guess he decided that there had been enough crying and it was time for a laugh. IT WORKED! Cheered me right up, for the moment. By the way, sometimes when I get in the car and try to find my sunglasses, he already has them on. Hmmmm?? Makes me wonder sometimes. HA HA!

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Good N Crazy said...

dude. I thought those were HIS glasses. I've seen this picture before, I think? It's awesome. Except for the facial hair...ew.

the chew really gone? Or were you being facetious?